How to mount ISO on Mac in a few clicks?

How to mount ISO on Mac in a few clicks

Mounting an ISO file is not a complex task either on Windows or on Mac. However, this simple operation may be required in a variety of cases.

I would like to tell you more about virtual disks and ISO images and describe how to mount ISO on Mac just in a few clicks.

ISO is one of the most popular types of virtual images, while virtual image is a copy of the disk data and structure that can replace physical media completely. You may ask, why you need to mount ISO on Mac if it is easier to work with physical disks, but of course, the virtual images have lots of advantages. Thus, you can create a virtual data storage that won't occupy any real place. You can use images even if your drive is damaged or doesn't work properly. Also you can download any disk image from the Internet and just use it. To evaluate all the merits of virtual ISO images, you need the software that allows mounting an ISO file first.

To mount ISO, Mac OS uses its default application – Disk Utility. Usually it is pre-installed on your computer, so you need just to launch it. Moreover, in most cases to mount ISO image, Mac even doesn't require running Disk Utility. You can just double-click on the image, and it will be ready to useIn case you have already tried this system application, you may know that it works with only several types of virtual disks, and even not all ISO files can be mounted using it. So, when you are to mount ISO, Mac OS can't provide you with the perfect solution, but DAEMON Tools does!

I would like to tell you about another way of how to mount ISO on Mac. As you may already have guessed, for mounting ISO image Mac OS is not the only option. Also, there are several third-party applications which were specially designed for this kind of operations. I would like to tell you about mounting an ISO file with DAEMON Tools for Mac.

Download and install software to start mounting. Note that DAEMON Tools has 20-day trial period, so you can use all functions of the application for free before buying.

20-day trial

So, how to mount ISO on Mac, using DAEMON Tools?

If you have already installed DAEMON Tools, all images on your computer are associated with the program. So now, when you need to mount ISO, Mac OS will use DAEMON Tools for this operation. You just need to double-click on the image to get it mounted. Also, there are several ways of mounting an ISO file from the application window. They are the following:

  1. If you have no images in History or Images tabs, then open main program window, click Quick Mount button and choose an image from your computer:
  2. Mount ISO on Mac

  3. Open main window of the program, choose an image from History or Images tabs and click Mount icon on the toolbar:
  4. Mount ISO on Mac

  5. In the main program window, choose an image and click Mount option in image's contextual menu:
  6. Mount ISO on Mac

  7. In the main program window, select one image from Images or History tabs and double-click on it:
  8. Mount ISO on Mac

  9. Click application icon in the menu bar or Dock, choose Mount option and select the needed image on your Mac:
  10. Mount ISO on Mac

  11. Click application icon in the menu bar or Dock, open Mount Recent submenu and choose the needed image from the list. The submenu contains only those images that were mounted some time ago:
  12. Mount ISO on Mac

  13. Use special hotkeys that can be set in Preferences.

As you can see, there are a lot of easy ways of how to mount ISO on Mac, using DAEMON Tools. The application also works with many other types of image files. You are welcome to read about how to mount FLAC files or how to open APE images in other articles in the blog.