TrueCrypt alternative is coming in the next version of DAEMON Tools Ultra

TrueCrypt alternative is coming in the next version of DAEMON Tools Ultra

Among different encryption programs, TrueCrypt was always the most popular one. This tool allowed creating protected images, VHDs or volumes of the HDD in order to keep your private data safe. Since the 28th of May, developers have stopped supporting this disk encryption software and informed that it is unsafe. Looking for the TrueCrypt alternative from the reliable developer? The DAEMON Tools team is working on it right now!

Disk encryption software allows creating protected media or encoding the part of the hard disk drive. I have already written why you may need an encrypted USB drive and how to protect a disc, using DAEMON Tools Ultra. Now I'd like to continue this important topic and talk about encryption programs, which may be a good TrueCrypt alternative.

In order to find an alternative to TrueCrypt, we need to clarify the main features of this software. This disk encryption program creates and mounts protected images and also encodes separate partitions of the hard disk. What do we have in DAEMON Tools Ultra for now and what do we need to call it the full-fledged TrueCrypt alternative? Let's try to find out together.

TrueCrypt alternative to mount encrypted images

All encryption programs create protected media, image or VHD, which can't be opened without a password and special software. TrueCrypt is not safe now, so first we need a TrueCrypt alternative, which can mount and open encrypted images.

Being the best mounting software, DAEMON Tools Ultra allows mounting TrueCrypt files alongside with lots of other ones. Now, it is a nice alternative to TrueCrypt for those who need to decode the data. You can mount TrueCrypt image just like any virtual disc. Find out more about ways of how to mount images in the manual.

DAEMON Tools Ultra gets closer to becoming a TrueCrypt alternative

It goes without saying that disk encryption software needs not only to decode files, but to encode them too. Right now at DAEMON Tools, we are working to provide you with the reliable and full-fledged TrueCrypt alternative. In the new version of DAEMON Tools Ultra, there will be a special feature for encrypting a VHD. You will be able to create an encoded virtual hard disk to store the private files and folders. With this alternative to TrueCrypt, you won't worry about the data secrecy. Follow my blog to be the first who will get more details!

Which other features the TrueCrypt alternative needs

Different encryption programs have various functionality, and we want our TrueCrypt alternative to meet all your needs. So, features of DAEMON Tools' disk encryption software are up to you! How can we make it better? Which functions are important for your best TrueCrypt alternative? Please, find a minute to vote in the poll.

The voting is over. The results are coming soon!

Hope you are excited about the TrueCrypt alternative from the DAEMON Tools team. If there are other features of encryption programs you want DAEMON Tools to have, please do not hesitate to share your ideas. Appreciate your comments!